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Staff member presenting to school children

About our Learning Team

Our Learning Team is committed to creating opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to join in and learn about dance.

We work in schools, theatres and community settings across the UK to bring the joy of ballet to as many people as possible.

We offer talks and workshops at theatres across the UK, and a range of projects in Yorkshire. These are the perfect introduction to our performances for people who are new to ballet, and give a deeper insight for those who are more experienced in the ballet world.

We also work with partners on a number of research projects to develop learning and best practice within the sector.

Our dedicated and friendly team are passionate about inclusion and ensure our work is pitched at the appropriate level; so whether you’re a dance school that would like your pupils to learn some repertoire or an individual with professional aspirations, we will work with you to ensure everyone enjoys their Northern Ballet experience.

Who we are

'Expressions provides an amazing opportunity for children and young people who are usually excluded from similar events. It builds their self-esteem and quality of life and means so much to their families.'
Expressions Community Group Leader
'Thank you for this lovely opportunity to see so many children enjoying the creativity and freedom dance gives them. It was such a brilliant morning.'
Teacher after children’s ballet tour workshop
'It has given me the confidence to teach dance when I felt I didn’t know anything about it. It means we can broaden our PE offer.'
PE teacher who attended CPD
'The workshop made me feel like I was part of the book.'
Student after an Oliver Twist workshop
'Dance for Parkinson’s has been a great initiative; attending each week has given me a new appreciation of ballet and perhaps more importantly helped in the management of my condition. Unanticipated benefits include the new friends we have made and the smile which it never fails to put on my face!'
Dance for Parkinson’s participant
'We don’t think we’ve ever done something as a family before. The twins have gained a lot of confidence from the project, for them to get up and dance is really special.'
Let’s Dance participants
'The Early Years project has had a very positive impact on the wellbeing of all the children taking part. 79% saw an increase in development for managing their feelings and behaviour.'
Teacher at a children’s centre

Did you know...

In 2020/21 we worked with 15,505 people both online and in person. We delivered 125 digital dance sessions and 63 inclusive dance sessions across In Motion, Ability and Expressions.
In June 2021, 3,585 pupils nationwide took part in our digital Little Red Riding Hood workshops.
We hosted our first ever digital Expressions in July 2021, showcasing 9 community groups totalling 67 performers.
During Expressions 2021 we held our first digital conference, SHIFTing Perceptions, that was watched by 178 people from across the globe.

Photos Gavin Joynt, Lisa Stonehouse, and Emily Nuttall.