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What is the Associate Division?

The Associate Programme is one of the few classical associate courses in the UK to train in the same inspirational setting as a professional company. Using the same training methods as the Company dancers, students will focus on their developing technique whilst building strength and confidence, complimenting the top class training the student receives from their home dance school.

Students train in world-class facilities under the expert guidance of an exceptional teaching faculty, under the artistic direction of Federico Bonelli and Cara O'Shea. All teachers have also been professional dancers themselves and can give invaluable advice and share experiences with the students.

Course content

Junior and Inter Foundation Programmes
For ages 9-12

In the Junior and Inter Foundation Programmes students will learn to travel and broaden their movements, to respond to the music and attain correct posture and placement, which is vital to the health and lifespan of any young dancer.

Intermediate and Senior Programmes
For ages 12-16

In addition to the course content on the Junior and Inter Foundation Programmes, students on the Intermediate and Senior Programmes learn complimentary techniques such as pointe, men's jumps, contemporary and repertoire and our senior year are given invaluable audition advice and support.

Stronger technique brings more self-confidence and therefore increased freedom of expression. We want all our students to reach their maximum potential so that they can succeed in their auditions for vocational dance schools.

Is it right for me?

This Associate Programme is for students in academic years 5-11, who attend regular ballet classes with their home teacher and who are looking for a complimentary training programme.

The programme attracts students from as far afield as Newcastle, Nottingham and Liverpool, as well as many students from the Yorkshire area.

For those students interested in training on our CAT Programme, the Junior and Inter Foundation Programmes offer the opportunity to explore our teaching methods.

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Sample Timetable
Junior Associates Ages 9-11 Fridays (weekly) 5.30-7.15pm
Intermediate Foundation Classes Ages 11-12 Saturdays (weekly) 9.15-11.30am
Intermediate Associates Ages 12-14 Saturdays (fortnightly) 9.00am-12.00pm
Senior Associates Ages 14-16 Saturdays (fortnightly) 9.00am-12.00pm
Junior Programme £450 per year
Inter-Foundation Programme £570 per year
Intermediate Programme £400 per year
Senior Programme £400 per year
‘Thank you most heartily for everything that you have done for Leon. He would not be realising his dream without you and we are deeply grateful to you all. He has learnt an enormous amount, about himself and about aspects of life that the overwhelming majority of young people his age simply are not exposed to though they deserve and need it.’
Associate parent
‘Since joining, the confidence Lyla has gained and the improvements to her technique are both noticeable and valuable. She is loving the Associate Programme and we cannot wait to watch her progress further.’
Associate parent
A young girl in a ballet class with one arm raised above her head
A young girl in a ballet class with her arms raised looking at her fingertips
A young girl in a ballet class with her arms raised straight over her head

Photos Emily Nuttall